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South Metropolitan Higher Education Consortium

University Park, IL 60466
United States

The South Metropolitan Education Consortium is organized to foster new and enhanced educational services and programs to citizens, businesses and other institutions in the region. Through institutional collaboration, the Consortium emphasizes the development of instructional models and delivery systems that will give students and employers access to higher south_metropolitan_higher_education_consortium3.jpgeducation and training opportunities in the most effective means possible. 

south_metropolitan_higher_education_consortium1.gifSouthMetroEd is a partnership of colleges and universities sharing resources to enhance educational opportunities in the Chicago southland.  SouthMetroEd initiatives include developing strategies to alleviate the health care worker shortage as well as the recruitment and retention of Hispanic students.  For more information about these programs, check out the "Programs & Initiatives" section.  SouthMetroEd colleges and universities offer shared staff and faculty development workshops, shared library services and marketing initiatives such as the Connect to Higher Education series. 

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