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University of North Texas at Dallas

Dallas, TX 75241
United States

UNT Dallas Mission

Transforming the lives of students, families and communities by providing high quality, student-focused education to enable personal and career well-being.

UNT Dallas Vision

To create a valuable center of enrichment where students are inspired to learn, and faculty, students and the community develop their full potential.

UNT Dallas Core Values

Integrity, Civility, Reasoning, Responsibility

At UNT Dallas, our students have access to excellence. In our classrooms, and in the many opportunities for real-world experience provided by our engagement with the greater Dallas community, our students will explore the ways to success, discovering their own personal horizons. They will gain the skills they need to be excellent at UNT Dallas today, and then the skills they will need to become excellent professionals on their chosen paths tomorrow. The horizon is where earth and sky meet; UNT Dallas is where down-to-earth skills and lofty aspirations come together.

UNT Dallas is a unique institution, the one and only public university within the borders of the city of Dallas. We are positioned to make a big difference in Big D. We are truly a city university, with a commitment to diversity, serving many who are among the first in their families to go to college. Many are working as they attend school, or have children of their own. They expect value from their educational experience, and receive it at UNT Dallas. Here, excellence is within reach, with a tuition structure more favorable than at any comparable university in our region.

Our faculty is accessible, as well. Both in and out of the classroom, a stellar faculty is committed to teaching and to reaching out to help our students go further. Our teachers measure their success, first and foremost, by the success of our students. Our facilities, too, are superior. We have a new campus with outstanding resources and technology. Our buildings, with solar panels and rainwater collection systems, are designed to minimize impact on the environment. Within them, we are teaching to maximize positive benefits for our students and our community.

From our campus, on acreage south of the Trinity, we are minutes from downtown Dallas. Indeed, our land is on a rise, with an eyeline view to the skyline of Dallas, as if from here one can see the current aspirations of our students and the future achievements of our graduates. Though our buildings are new, we are not afraid to get out of them. In many cases, the city is our classroom – its businesses, its services – where our students will gain real-world experience. Education at UNT Dallas is a partnership of learning and doing, and the offer of experiential learning – through internships and a variety of opportunities – is central to our purpose.

You will know UNT Dallas graduates by their practical know-how. The horizons are wide, and the future is full of promise for our students, as it is for Dallas. Like Dallas, UNT Dallas has the energy and potential of youth. Founded in 2010, we are growing as a young, vibrant institution where student goals and the public good meet. We are a wellspring of growth.

We provide not only the means for the personal development of the diverse individuals who come here, but a source of growth for the city as well, with our deliberate focus on niche programs that are in tune with the needs of our community – programs that fit well with the future demands of Dallas, one of the most robust economies in the nation. At UNT Dallas, we are opening doors and opening minds, always focused on nurturing the success of our students on their path to becoming the citizens, employees and leaders who will ensure that our city and our region continue to thrive.


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